Election Letter Information
Letter No. Letter Date Subject Download Link
Message from Chief Election Commissioner of India – National Voters Day 25 January 2020 Download (PDF 1 MB)
1363 24.08.2018 Karyawahi Vivran of Press Media Meeting Download (PDF 1.11 MB)
1313 21.08.2018 Extension of Date for Receiving Dawa-Appatti in SSR 2018< Download (PDF 2.50 MB)
1240 13.08.2018 Regarding reading and giving of the voter list in all the panchayats and urban bodies under Panchayatraj Download (PDF 4.62 MB)
13.08.2018 Details of forms received & disposed (Electoral rolls period 19.01.2018 to 31.07.2018) Download (PDF 23.6 KB)
1083 01.08.2018 Regarding Voter List Provided to all Political Parties Download (PDF 5.21 MB)
1081 01.08.2018 Regarding 2nd SSR 2018 Political Party Meeting Suchna Download (PDF 1.62 MB)
1051 30.07.2018 Regarding PS List Provided to all political parties after Rationalization 2018 Download (PDF 1.94 MB)
620 25.07.2018 Account filing report of election expenditure for the post of president of Nagar Panchayat Rahud Download (PDF 557 KB)
पीएन/ईसीआई/2017 16.03.2017 Press note: reliability of electronic voting machine Download (PDF 125 KB)